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NEWS RELEASE: Community Pressure Leads to Postponement of Upper Harbor Terminal Concept Plan Vote  


Minneapolis, February 5 -- Due to community pressure by the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) Co-Creation Team, the Minneapolis City Council Economic Development and Regulatory Services (EDRS) Committee postponed today’s vote on the Upper Harbor Terminal Concept Plan. The committee responded to the overwhelming feedback given by community members who attended a community forum hosted by Council Members Cunningham and Ellison. With the exception of one speaker who was a developer, everyone else expressed concerns related to the Concept Plan: displacement, community ownership and environmental impacts.

The UHT Co-Creation Team has opposed the Concept Plan for the redevelopment of 48 acres of publicly owned land along the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis since it was introduced to the community last fall because it:

  • Fails to create an inclusive and equitable development process by not thoroughly involving the community in each step of the development.

  • Fails to meet criteria set by North/Northeast Green Zone & Promise Zone goals and has no alignment with city Climate Action Plan goals.

  • Fails to address the critical need for truly affordable housing.

The Co-Creation team has been engaged in a campaign to educate North Minneapolis community members about the project’s existence and its implications.  They have also called on city leaders to set a new standard for community development that truly addresses the needs and aspirations of the community and reflects the values of equity, sustainability, and civic engagement.

“This postponement gives us a chance to look more closely at what is being proposed now and what it could be,”  Folwell community organizer Chuck Robinson said. “ What could this development be for our community? It could make investments for our community, for our environment, and a future for our kids to use the river to form a sense of community. It’s finally a chance to pause and think about how this plan could benefit our community and not primarily benefit others from other communities.”

Dozens of people showed up to protest the Concept Plan prior to the meeting and echoed that same sentiment. “I was not surprised to see that the EDRS Committee decided to postpone approving the UHT Concept Plan for a second time,” said Alexis Pennie, Above the Falls Community Advisory Committee member. “The important thing now is for community members to call up their council members and tell them to vote no to the Concept Plan. Community wants equitable redevelopment along the riverfront, we want to vote on a Concept Plan that prioritizes community concerns over private developers that have proven time and time again that they are serving their best interests. We, as Northsiders, want to be at the table creating that plan. That’s co-creation!”

EDRS members are considering a number of things for the vote at their next meeting: the Concept Plan will lock in the development of a hotel and a performing arts center. Climate Action Plan goals, the ones they began mandating back in 2013, are missing from the plan. Critics are also concerned about the limited units of affordable housing. For those committee members who are starting to listen to feedback from their constituents, they have a lot of concerns to attend to.

The EDRS is expected to vote on the Concept Plan on February 19.


Catherine Fleming,, (612) 423-6499
Michael Chaney,, (763) 227-4881

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A unified vision of the future for the Upper Harbor Terminal that feeds the ecology and economy of north Minneapolis communities which have been divided from the Mississippi River for decades by industry and development.

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Jamming for Justice

Jamming for Justice was an event held at Mississippi Mushrooms on September 22, 2018 to raise awareness about the site and development plans, and to get the community to show up. Several environmental and community organizations tabled to provide information, with Joe Davis and Tufawon providing entertainment.

The video below is a recap of the full event, with information at the beginning about Upper Harbor Terminal, the development plans, and the need for co-creation.

Jamming for Justice Sponsors (September 2018)